2000-2004 Bachelors of Fine Arts, University of California Santa Cruz
2009-2012 Masters of Architecture, California College of the Arts

I am currently living and working in San Francisco, CA. Embedding myself in the local maker and burner scenes here has given me the opportunity to continue to expand my tool set from conceptual art, bronze casting, and mix media sculpture to 3D parametric modeling, interactive LED programming, mapped projection & animation, and immersive experience design.

With 6 years under my belt as an architectural designer at both an international corporate firm and a local high end residential firm, I have a great deal of experience delivering large, complex projects on time and on budget. I have a passion for sustainable, integrated design, and my ongoing art explorations often source salvaged material and/or champion our home, planet earth, through education and activism. I try to keep a plethora of side projects going at all times to continue an unencumbered creative discourse.



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