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-laser cut light sculpture-

Part of the Celestials series, Floof [Full-ew-ff] is 36" diameter by 5" deep, made of laser cut steel, faux fur, and LEDs.

This ancient artifact of the universe is the source of randomness inserting itself into otherwise well ordered dynamic systems. Akin to the concepts of Loki or Kokopelli, Floof is a force of mischief and chaos that flips deliberate plans on their heads. And while your average type-A may despise a Floof-like intervention, many a novel idea and chance encounter owe their spark to this mischievous construct.


Floof tangles what was once meticulously woven together or that which was never meant to interact at all. It is the strange and nonsensical defying logic and reason, and above all it embodies contradiction. Floof is the flap of a butterfly wing that is sometimes needed to tip a perfectly balanced equation into euphoric spontaneity. It is the weird in your wiggle and the in silly in your smile.

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