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-laser cut sculpture-

Part of the Celestials series, Gravity is 36" diameter by 4" deep, made of laser cut steel surrounding a labradorite sphere at its center.

Gravity is a force stronger than trust and as magnetic as the longing for connection. We have discovered that throughout the universe and even here at home gravity is nuanced, dynamic, and fluid. Yet it is what keeps us grounded and what can lead us to our truest selves. With these concepts in mind, gravity can be seen as more akin to faith... and what distinguishes faith from trust, is love.


This ancient artifact is the embodiment of faith, instilling the intuition of trust and love throughout the cosmos. At our most essential we are beings of love and grace. Gravity is what ties us together spinning an intricate web that spans across the universe, and ultimately, is the pull that brings us home.

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