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celestials - mapped projection
-steel & light sculpture-

When my wife and I first toured @TheLoft.SF I dreamed of creating an epic installation to go on the double height east wall. The first Celestial I created for that wall, and while Tesseract (Major) was in fact epic it didn't quite seem grand enough for the space.


At our first large gathering, on a whim, I projected abstract visuals across the wall and over the top of Tesseract. The projection made the acrylic glow as if it was being backlit in a way I didn't expect and all of a sudden there was infinite potential in how we could transform the room to create an immersive art scape with projection.


Since then I dove into learning After Effects and Stable Diffusion to create custom content to play at events and gatherings. I have also expanded to incorporate these techniques into other sculptures and event production as well.

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