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california street cannabis company
-clement street signage-

California Street Cannabis Company commissioned two 5'-0" x 4'-6" x 0'-4" mahogany signs for their new Clement Street location set to open Fall 2021. The challenge at this location was that a neighborhood ordinance prohibited signage from being hung out over the sidewalk. And while there was a great opportunity to hang signage in the large storefront windows, the client wanted to insure that natural light and views would still be allowed into the space. The solution was to construct elaborate multi-layered renditions of the CSCC logo for each window with the logo elements suspended on chains, reminiscent of classic turn of the century signs. This allowed for the transparency the client wanted while still creating large iconic signage that will give the shop the brand recognition they were hoping for on busy Clement Street. Each sign is constructed from hand stained laser cut mahogany wood and acrylic with embedded custom programmed LEDs.

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